Conditions for writing off 90% of the accrued and not paid penalty interest, in case of full early redemption of the leased premises:

According to the Decision of the Board No. 24/2023 dated 07/12/2023, Samruk-Kazyna Construction JSC will provide an opportunity to write off 90% of the accrued and unpaid penalty fee in case of full early redemption of the leased premises before 12/31/2023.

1. The tenant needs to apply to JSC "Samruk-Kazyna Construction" with a statement of the established form about the intention of full early redemption 2 (two) months before the expected date of redemption.
2. The supervising manager of Samruk-Kazyna Construction JSC, within 15 calendar days, reports the amount of the full early redemption, taking into account the write-off of 90% of the accrued and unpaid penalty.
3. The tenant is required to pay the full early redemption amount before the maturity date.

4. After the receipt of funds, the supervising manager will determine the term for signing the contract for the transfer of the property to the property.
5. If the tenant fails to pay the early redemption amount before the maturity date, the application is considered cancelled. The accrued penalty in this case is not subject to write-off.

Attention! The term for signing an agreement on the transfer of a property to ownership, as well as receiving original documents, can be from 7 to 20 business days from the moment the period of full early redemption (the key repayment date) begins.


Appeals (applications) received by e-mail kense@fnsk.kz are subject to consideration only if they comply with the attached application form.

* The application form was drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 12, 2007 “On the procedure for considering applications from individuals and legal entities”.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Blog of the Chairman of the Board https://skcn.kz/ru/gb/blog.

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