We improve living conditions and provide quality housing to the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as develop the construction industry through investment activities and construction of plants aimed at import substitution in order to maintain the growth of prices for construction materials, as well as increase the efficiency of construction and manage projects of the Group of Companies of Samruk-Kazyna JSC.


We will become an organisation with sufficient resources, a wide range of reliable partners, as well as competencies and experience for investment activities in the construction and construction industry, effective management of projects, construction and real estate.

Strategic directions of activities

1. Implementation of state programmes

  • Implementation of the pilot National Education Project "Comfortable School";
  • Prospective national projects;
  • Implementation of state construction projects abroad.

2. investment activities

  • Implementation of the renovation programme (dilapidated and emergency housing);
  • Integrated development (changing the image of cities, including construction of suspended facilities);
  • Investment in the construction of residential complexes;
  • Investing in the construction of plants aimed at import substitution of construction materials and equipment;
  • Investing in construction abroad.

3. Completion of participation in state programmes

  • Anti-crisis programme;
  • Nurly-jer programme for rental housing.

4. Management of real estate, subsidiaries and stakes and shares of companies belonging to the group of companies of Samruk-Kazyna JSC, which are in the investment period - design and construction.

  • Property management;
  • Subsidiary organisation Samruk-Kazyna Development LLP;
  • CCPP Turkestan LLP under the Trust Management Agreement.
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