The Company, within the framework of the Anti-Crisis Program, solved the problems of more than 3 thousand equity holders and completed the construction of problematic facilities and contributed to the stabilization of the real estate market. Acting as the operator of the Anti-Crisis Program, the company was able not only to prevent a deeper recession, but also led to a relatively rapid exit of the construction sector of the economy to positive development rates. Thus, 20 facilities in Astana, Almaty and Almaty region have been completed with commissioning. The area of ​​the constructed property is 508.5 thousand square meters.

Since 2014, the Company has continued its activities as part of the implementation of the Program for the Development of Regions until 2020, which since 2016 has been included in the state program for housing and communal development "Nurly Zher". As part of the program in the direction of "Rental housing with a buyout", the Company built 19 facilities with an area of ​​596.6 thousand square meters of residential / non-residential premises. In the direction of "Commercial housing" 11 objects - 326.6 thousand square meters of residential / non-residential premises.

The Company, being the owner of residential / non-residential premises built under the Nurly Zher state program and implemented on the basis of agreements concluded with Tenants, monitors the condition of residential complexes in 12 cities of Kazakhstan.

In 2021, Samruk-Kazyna Construction JSC completed the investment phase of the implementation of state programs and continues to carry out activities to return the invested funds under these programs throughout the forecast period (monitoring and collection of rental payments, etc.). Currently, the Company has about 9,000 valid contracts with Tenants.

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