The pilot national education project "Comfortable School" is aimed at eliminating emergency facilities, three-shift education and the shortage of pupil places in secondary education organisations throughout the country.
This goal is to be achieved by addressing two main tasks:
          1. Commissioning of at least 740,000 new pupil places (with double-shift teaching) in cities and rural settlements by 2026 to cover the current and projected shortage of pupil places.
          2. Creation of a comfortable and safe educational environment in secondary education organisations commissioned under the National Project.

According to the Resolution of the Government, JSC "Samruk-Kazyna Construction" is defined as the Directorate for targeted construction of objects of secondary education organisations within the framework of the implementation of the national project.

The Decision stipulates that the design of objects of secondary education organisations under the national project is carried out by the coordinator - Directorate for the implementation of the pilot national project in the field of education "Comfortable school" JSC "Samruk-Kazyna Construction" according to assignments for the design of secondary schools for 300, 600, 900, 1,200, 1,500, 2,000, 2,500 students, developed by the Committee for Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Ministry of Industry and Construction of the Republic of Kazakhstan together with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Targeted construction of new facilities of secondary education organisations will be carried out through the Directorate vested with the functions of the customer.

Implementation of the mechanism provides for:

  • granting by local executive bodies in the manner provided for by paragraph 1 of Article 36 and subparagraph 15 of paragraph 1 of Article 48 of the Land Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Directorate of the right of temporary gratuitous land use for the land plot for the period of construction of facilities of secondary education organisations within the framework of the implementation of the national project;
  • the possibility of connecting the land plot on which the construction of the school is planned to be built to the engineering and communication infrastructure;
  • acquisition of goods, works and services related to the construction of new facilities of secondary education organisations, commissioning of new pupil places on a turnkey basis.

The Directorate is responsible, as established by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, for:

  • development of 37 design and estimate documents (6 types of schools for 5 climatic/seismic zones, 1 type of school for 2500 pupils for one climatic/seismic zone, 6 individual projects) according to the unified standard of the national project with a positive conclusion of the complex non-departmental expertise of the state expert organisation for reapplication, georeferencing of reapplication projects;
  • fulfilment of obligations under the national project;
  • compliance of the constructed/constructed facility with the terms of the design assignment and the requirements of the national project;
  • Compliance with the plan for commissioning new pupil places within the framework of the National Project;
  • reliability and completeness of the information and documentation provided on the implementation of the National Project.

In addition, the Directorate carries out project management in accordance with the Rules of rendering engineering services in the field of architectural, urban planning and construction activities approved by the Order of the Minister of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 71 dated 3 February 2015.

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