In order to reduce bureaucracy, the Chairman of the Management Board Maulen Aimanbetov instructed to automate key business processes of the Company. At the moment, the Company's document flow is carried out through SimBase information system, but not all processes are integrated into electronic format. Specialists of the Department of Information Technologies will have to transfer them from paper to SimBase. This will not only reduce bureaucratic delays, but also significantly reduce the time required to process documents.
One of the notable examples of improvements is the optimization of the hiring procedure, which now takes only three working days thanks to automation. The innovation will also have a positive impact on the processing of rent payments, simplifying and speeding up the work of the monitoring department. Overall, the digitalization project will cover about 20 key business processes, which will allow the company to significantly increase its efficiency and effectiveness.
Full automation of the planned business processes is scheduled to be completed by May 15, 2024, which will allow the company to promptly respond to the challenges of modern business and strengthen its position in the market.

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