On May 15, Maulen Aimanbetov was presented a Kazakhstani project that works by identifying the vein pattern on the palm of the hand. No fingerprints are required.

The Alaqan system has been certified for information and sanitary security. The personal data used by the program is protected. It is important that biometric systems identify a person contactless and exclude the transmission of infections.

The use of the specified biometrics in schools is an effective tool for solving a wide range of issues. Unauthorized persons will not be able to pass into the premises, the throughput of students will be increased several times.

Parents through a mobile application will be able to control the time of entry and exit from school, learn about their child's purchases in the canteen and much more.

According to the results of the presentation and meeting, the head of Samruk-Kazyna Construction instructed to solve the issues on the cost and inclusion of the system in the design plans of comfortable schools within two days. It is envisaged to equip educational institutions being built within the framework of the national project "Comfortable School" with "Alaqan" service.

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