On the territory of Comfort Schools in the northern and eastern regions there will be hockey courts and in the basement floors of schools there will be locker rooms with rooms for drying hockey uniforms.

On May 17, the Chairman of the Board of Samruk-Kazyna Construction JSC Maulen Aimanbetov conducted another round of eight land plots identified for the construction of Comfortable Schools in Astana, located at the following addresses:

  1. E699 street area
  2. south of the railway Telman
  3. area of ​​intersection of Sh.Kaldayakova and A-30 streets
  4. area of ​​intersection of A-102 and A-104 streets
  5. w.m. Koktal, area of ​​intersection of Ulytau and Nauryz streets
  6. w.m. Urker, area of ​​intersection of Nauryzbay batyra and Isatai batyra streets
  7. E127, E368, E418 and E535
  8. C-189 and 12-207

Given the annual population growth in the capital, the demand for new educational institutions is growing. For example, at the intersection of S-189 and 12-207 streets, residential complexes for 3,500 apartments were commissioned, but there are no schools nearby. A similar situation is observed at the intersection of Sh. Kaldayakova and A-30 streets.

"Comfortable schools" will reduce the load on existing educational institutions and unload three-shift schools. General contractors plan to hand over the facilities by the end of December 2024.

Separately, I would like to stay in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bE127, E368, E 418 and E535 streets, which is being actively built up and is located next to the main street. It is assumed that the main contingent of students of the "Comfortable School" will live in nearby houses, but on one side of the main street and, accordingly, they will not cross the road. This will prevent the risk of road traffic accidents involving children.

During the tour, the Chairman of the Board of SK Construction got acquainted with the mobilization of construction companies and the preliminary master plans for construction. Schools will take into account the division into groups for junior and senior classes with separate entrances, their own gyms and canteens.

M. Aimanbetov instructed to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations when designing buildings so that fire trucks have free access to any part of the school.

Also, special attention was paid to the effective use of the territory of schools. On the territory of Comfortable Schools, which will be located south of the Telman residential area and in the Urker residential area, it is planned to install hockey courts, which will need to be accessed not only by schoolchildren, but also by residents in their free time. School courtyards need to be effectively used for educational purposes. Near the school in the village of Urker, a public garden will also open on an adjacent small plot.

In accordance with the plans for the development of educational infrastructure in the city of Astana, it is planned to build 23 schools. Of these, 22 schools will be put into operation in 2024. At the same time, 1 school will be sold by the local executive body through the buyout mechanism as a commodity.

A competition for 15 schools was announced for the first stages, and the winners for all lots were determined based on the results of the competition. For the remaining 7 lots, the competition will be announced to the second stages.

The companies that passed the competition have already started the stage of designing educational institutions. In parallel with the design, preparatory work will begin on land areas where construction is planned.

Recall that the pilot national project "Comfortable School" is designed to solve the shortage of student places, with the solution of problems in emergency schools and three-shift training in the capital, megacities, regional centers, small towns and villages of the country.

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